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Escalator Maintenance

SDV focuses on providing the appropriate service plan for your equipment with the aim to reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair, increase equipment availability and extend the lifecycle of your escalator or moving walk.

We offer maintenance contracts which can be tailored to suit the particular needs of each of your escalators and moving walks. Our current portfolio is in excess of 500 units.

Properly executed planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is the key to achieving optimum results for your installations and ultimately this will represent the best value for you.

Of course, we will provide feedback as standard following a maintenance visit, together with recommendations to ensure maximum availability and a long operating life for your escalator installations.

Items in need of repair are often identified by during maintenance visits. We believe in taking care to ensure that we identify possible future problems before they occur. In this way we ensure that unexpected costs are minimised.

Our approach to PPM ensures that machine reliability is improved, call outs are reduced, and overall costs are controlled. Even more importantly, your escalator works harder for you. In this way SDV helps you to protect the significant investment you made when purchasing your escalator or moving walk, and enables your investment to continue to contribute to your business.

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